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Protect Your

Your Business

Protect your business from cyber-risk.


Make customer comminucation safe, with secure document sharing and end-to-end encrypted chat with your clients.

Establish a SecureLine direct to your customers.

What is a SecureLine?

A Secureline to your customers is a chat app which  allows you to chat to your customers anytime in a safe and secure app (we use end-to-end encryption to ensure it's safe).


You can share documents and confidential information in a simple chat app, with the peace of mind knowing that only your customer can access the data. Fully encrypted means we can't even see it.

Simple & Approachable Layout

Secure doesn't have to mean clunky.  Simple and easy to use chat layout and calendar layout for your customer communications & document sharing.

Easy for you and your customers. 

Amplify Your Brand

Customisable look and feel to ensure your customer's know your brand and trust your communications. 

Build your brand with a profressional look that is as profressional as you. 

Easy-to-Read Reports

Did you know that chat messages are replied to 10 x quicker than email?


View your customer engagement increase expentionally with reporting and analyitics 

Get Cyber Ready in 30 mins

Take advantage of our 30 min online cyber security consult. 

Trusted by the Greatest


Hear It from Our Customers

I love how it allows me to see all my customers in one screen and chat to them. I like the document timeline, I used to lose track of which email I sent which document, but not anymore.

Simone, Mortgage Broker

Get a Free Cyber Security Assessment

Have 2 mins to spare?

Take our 2 min Cyber Security Assessment for your business and receive a report on key risks and vulnerabilities in your business

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Easy chat layout 

End to End Encryption for safe chat

Document sharing & document timeline

Keeps Everyone in The Loop 

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