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Connecting Customers & Businesses with a Secureline

SecureLine is a completely secure chat between you and your customers where you can share documents and confidential information to get your work done fast.

Drop-in Audio Chat

You can jump to audio if you don't feel like typing to speed up your customer communication even further.

Fits All Team Sizes

Have a SecureLine for everyone in your business. 

Add a number of team members to a SecureLine with a customer to aid faster team collaboration and to keep everyone in the loop automatically.

Customizable Workspace

Amplify your brand by tailoring your chat workspace to your business colours and logo. 

Set Up a SecureLine

Setting up your customer on a SecureLine is as simple as sharing a chat with them. Then you have a secure place to share documents and confidential data.

Real-Time Sharing

Once you have a SecureLine to your customer you can share documents, forms, confidential data and instructions with them in real time. 

Your customers can chat right back to you in real time and your work gets done so much quicker.

Ready to Kickstart a SecureLine to each of your customers?

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