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Connecting Business Professionals and Clients Securely 

SecureLine was kicked started by a group of IT professionals in Melbourne and San Fran who are passionate about security. 


SecureLine was born out of the realisation that smaller businesses who don't have an IT team are vulnerable to cyber risks, but their need is just as high.

This Is How We Started


We were founded


Launched our Private Beta


Expanded private Beta


2023 and beyond oin our journey

Our Mission: Small and Medium business professionals such as lawyers, mortgage brokers, accountants, real estate agents, property managers, & conveyancers need to collect large amounts of client data to perform their services.


This information is transmitted often in ways which are vulnerable to cyber risks (email or SMS) even if they are stored securely once received.


Our mission at SecureLine is to establish a SecureLine of communication between Professionals and their clients to eliminate the cyber risk in document and data transmission. 

SecureLine in Numbers 

Private Beta Groups




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Ready to Establish Your SecureLine?

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